“What does love require of me?”

According to one pastor, this simple, yet demanding, question lies at the center of what it means to follow Jesus with our lives. And last week, this question was at the heart of our Summer Camp training for our high school StreetLeaders, college interns, and summer reading teachers.

This summer, our StreetLeaders have resolved to answer this question by serving as counselors, teachers, and role models for the younger children at camp. They will sing songs at the top of their lungs; teach drama, Bible, and engineering classes; and serve as living, breathing examples of faith in action.

As one of our StreetLeaders explained, “We will come to camp everyday to give the kids a piece of ourselves.”

Another StreetLeader put it this way, “We will be the leaders we want our kids to become.”

Our summer reading teachers and college interns will respond to this challenging question by giving up their summer vacation and helping our students combat summer learning loss.

Tomorrow morning, 65 children will stream into UrbanPromise Charlotte’s second Summer Camp. Our StreetLeaders and staff will be ready, waiting to “sow seeds” of God’s love, patience, faith, and grace in their lives.

And although you will not be at Summer Camp each day, thank you for sowing these seeds of love, compassion, and grace with us. You may not be singing songs or teaching classes, but please know that our campers, StreetLeaders, and staff are spurred on by every prayer you pray and every gift you send.

If you have not already, please support our Summer Camp this year! Just $32 sends one of our campers to all four of our summer field trips; $158 sends one child to camp for an entire week; or $400 employs a high school StreetLeader for two entire weeks.

Imagine the spiritual and academic growth our campers will experience this summer as every member of the UrbanPromise Charlotte family—whether StreetLeader, staff, or supporter—collectively stands together to do what love requires!

Grace and peace,