urbanpromise AFTERSCHOOL program

Within a safe and stimulating environment, UrbanPromise’s AfterSchool Programs provide opportunities for elementary and middle school students to improve their academic performance, develop necessary life skills, create positive relationships with caring teenagers and adults, explore the arts, and nurture their faith.

Our AfterSchool Programs are currently run at all three of our sites. The launch date for Fall 2019 is Monday, September 9th.

a typical day after school…

Our AfterSchool programs are held Monday-Thursday after school for elementary & middle school students, and Monday-Friday for high school StreetLeaders (Fridays for StreetLeaders are focused on college development, community building, and lesson planning). The timing varies slightly at each site, but students arrive after school and stay until 6:30-7:00PM. Check out a glimpse of our typical AfterSchool programming for students below!


Everyday: Supper & Team Building

Upon arrival, students sit in small groups with their high school StreetLeaders. After sharing a healthy supper, we start with a SHARP meeting designed to build community and help develop students’ character (Self-Aware, Humble, Appreciative, Respectful, Persistent).

Mondays & Tuesdays: Classes

Students rotate through Literacy, Homework, and Bible classes. Certified teachers lead 60 minutes of literacy instruction, while StreetLeaders lead 30 minutes of Bible and character instruction. StreetLeaders and community volunteers serve as tutors during homework class.

Wednesdays: Options Classes

Students choose an “Options” class to attend. During Options, students explore the arts or develop a life skill. Possible Options classes include cooking, fitness, gardening, dance, art, drama, or music. In the spring and fall, we also partner with Let Me Run (4th-6th grade boys) and Girls on the Run (3rd-5th grade girls) as an offering!

Thursdays: Sports & Recreation

In keeping with our commitment to provide students with holistic development opportunities, Thursdays are focused on sports and recreation.